Getting to Tilburg

If you fly in from abroad, you can fly to Schiphol Airport (near Amsterdam) or to Eindhoven Airport (closer to Tilburg but far fewer flights).

To Tilburg or to Tilburg University?

Please note that there are two train stations in Tilburg: Tilburg Central and Tilburg University. The city center and most hotels are located close to Tilburg Central station. Unsurprisingly, the university is close to Tilburg University Station. If you are staying in the Auberge du Bonheur Hotel, Tilburg University is also the closest station.

General train information

You can buy tickets from the ticket counters at the larger stations (Tilburg University only has ticket machines). You can also order tickets online. Please visit for more information or to order tickets.

From Schiphol to Tilburg

It will take about 90 minutes to get from Schiphol to Tilburg by train and will set you back about EUR 20,-. The ticket counter is easily located in the main hall of Schiphol airport. Please ask for a travel itinerary, as you will have to transfer once (maybe twice) to get to Tilburg.

There are two possible routes to Tilburg. Easiest is to first take a train to ‘s Hertogenbosch (also called Den Bosch) and transfer there to Tilburg or Tilburg University. You can also take the Intercity Direct to Breda and transfer there to Tilburg or Tilburg University. However, you’ll have to pay a small extra fee to board the Intercity Direct, so please be sure to check with the ticket office that you have paid the extra fee before boarding the train (else you’ll pay a fine).

Please note that not every train that stops at Tilburg also stops at Tilburg University. Trains to Den Bosch leave every half hour (final destination Venlo). At Den Bosch, transfer either to the train to Roosendaal (which only stops at Tilburg) or to the train to Dordrecht (which stops at both Tilburg and Tilburg University).

By car, it’ll take about 90 minutes to get to Tilburg as well, so a taxi will likely be very expensive.

From Eindhoven Airport to Tilburg

When arriving at Eindhoven Airport, take either bus 400 or 401 in the direction of Eindhoven Station. Since Eindhoven airport is rather small, finding the bus stop is not difficult. It is outside of the terminal. The bus trip will take you approximately 20 minutes. There are ticket machines inside the airport (to get back from Eindhoven to the airport: The buses leave from the north side of the station).

At Eindhoven Station, you can take the train with Tilburg University as final destination (it also stops at Tilburg) or you can take the train towards Den Haag Centraal (which only stops in Tilburg).

It will take you about an hour to get from Eindhoven Airport to Tilburg Central Station, and will cost about EUR 10,-